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As an entertainment professional based in Mumbai, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to help others through my work. I’ve worked in all aspects of filmmaking, multiple genres, and almost every format. I’m always looking for exciting new opportunities that compel me to be innovative. Bringing my unique style and positive attitude to every project I’m involved in allows me to capture unforgettable scenes that move many audiences. I love using my creative mind in new ways, and I'm constantly looking for additional sources of inspiration to stay on top of what’s happening. 


September 2019

Co-directed the series and was director for episode 2 for PFA season 1 which turned out to be one of Dice Medias' most successful shows ever. Was integral to the conceptualization and success of the show. There is also a minor cameo in the series which I do take acting credits for.

Something Sketchy_E01_Poster_2.png
December 2019

Lead this project and directed all 8 episodes starring Ahsaas Channa and Rishsome, 2 famous digital actors. Started of as a Facebook exclusive that was later on published to YouTube as well. The first of a new anthology based sketch series that lead to more such series on the channel.

Firsts Season 6
September 2021

Apart from being a master at short form content I have also honed my skills in the Instagram series which are 1 min episodes. Telling a story in 2 hours is one thing but can you do it in one minute? I learned I can with numerous mini series for Brands like Tinder and Imperial Blue.

August 2017

FilterCopy played a vital role in making me the director I am today, it added perspective to the digital side of film making. It allowed me to understand it's audience, work with leading actors and top infrastructure. started with 30 people and 1 million subscribers working our way to 200+ people and 8 million subscribers, this teaches you a lot.

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